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GlamourRetouching.Com is a commercial retouching business formerly in NYC and central NJ that has decided to make its retouching workflows and techniques... and its retouching brushes and retouching resources available to the public.  There are not many sites on the internet who offer professional grade training, tutorials or tools...and it was thought that offering this information and resources...that it would be a valuable niche to commercial, professional, wedding and beauty photographers as well as Photoshop users, Retouchers, and even models themselves. The training offered is all based around the Non-destructive approach to Photoshop Retouching which means that all the original image detail and integrity is maintained.  It means that every element of an image is infinitely adjustable and positionable under complete artistic freedom and control. This Non-Destructive, magazine quality, retouching workflow encourages good visual housekeeping, perfect levels and exposure in every part of the image, the use of layers for power and complete adjustability, the use of masks for visual artistry without having to use difficult selections, the use of curves for levels and color correction, and the use of advanced curves for completely transparent and vibrant digital makeup and image control. The core workflows were developed through being in the business of retouching... and from a special project we were able to head up.  For over a year we were able to meet with and chat on-line with over 150 commercial, magazine and catalog retouchers from NYC, LA and London.  We were able to meet and chat and discuss what we were working on, how we were doing it, and sharing tips and ideas with each other.  What came out of that is the fact that the highest quality, fastest, and most proficient retouchers all seemed to be using a similar kind of process and workflow...the non-destructive workflow.  The prevalent high-end retouching workflow seems to be the layer based, mask based, and advanced curve based method.  It is very fast, easy to learn, and provides absolute visual freedom to adjust every element of an image under complete artistic freedom.  This allows total image control, balance, and the ability to make instant corrections even after having saved the image. We have assimilated some of the best ideas and workflows into the system we will be teaching you!  It is some of the best and most powerful retouching information available.  It is a visually powerful, highly flexible, totally adjustable, and an easy to learn workflow.  We hope you enjoy its ease of use and its extreme visual power!  We are a customer focused company seeking to provide extemely valuable information, exceptional customer service, and enjoy being helpful and friendly to existing and future customers. 
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