Beautiful lips require more than just color... they also require that Totally Glamorous Glossy Look!  You know it almost impossible to create realistic looking lip glosses by hand.  This set of Professional Lip Gloss Brushes creates instant gloss, shine and glamour.  Just tap down on the 20 different upper and lower lip glosses and apply them with your pen.  They create instant sparkle, shine and shimmer… in a few easy steps.   These gloss brushes are photographically accurate and are totally adjustable in size and position.  Purchase these brushes to get that absolutely gorgeous shine, glitter and gloss on any of your images.
Lip Gloss Brushes
Purchase Your Lip Gloss Brushes Here The Lip Gloss Brush Set is a download... the link will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as we process your order  You can easily and securely pay by Credit Card, Debit Card,Check, or by PayPal.    CLICK Below TO ORDER YOUR BRUSHES NOW
Watch How The Lip Gloss Brushes Work in YOUR Retouches
The Lip Gloss Brush Set Loads into your Photoshop Brushes Pallet. CS-CS5.5 Compatible for PC or Mac
Before and after example of the brushes in use.
Set includes  20 upper lip gloss and 20 lower lip gloss brushes Brushes are photographically accurate, studio quality captures of real life lip gloss.  Professional Grade.   Gloss Styles range from barely there... to the totally wet look... to absolute glamour glitter looks! Glosses can be precisely adjusted for perfect position, size, placement, and intensity Create beautiful looking lip glosses easily and accurately... in just a few keystrokes...on any image. Brushes work on images from web size to 16 X 20”.   Usable with any Photoshop version CS -CS6.  PC or Mac
Customer Comments: “ I have been looking for brushes like these for the past 2 years. These are the best ones ive found.  They create beautiful glossy lips. I use them on almost every image I do.”  Chris  VA “These brushes really make a big difference in my images.   I especially like the brushes with glitter in them.  They add  the perfect finishing touch to my images”.  Charles MN Customer Comments:
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Compatible with CS-CS6  PC or Mac
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