Iris Texture Brushes
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Iris Texture Brushes Loaded into Your Photoshop Brush Pallet
“The Eye Brightening Brushes”
It's the eyes that captivate us and hold our attention in an image!  But what if your subject's eyes are overly dark, jet black, or lack visible detail?  If the brightness and iris texture of the eyes are not perfectly visible your image will lack interest, focus, and vibrancy.  With the Iris Texture Brushes you can infinitely adjust the degree of brightness, detail, and visual focus you want.  They make the eyes of your image POP off the page!  These brushes add visible texture to the irises...and allow the eyes to be brightened to bring out missing detail and color.
Iris Texture Brushes Brighten the Eyes and Add Texture
Video: How Do these Iris and Brightening Brushes Work?
CUSTOMER COMMENTS:  “I love these brushes. They add lightness and texture to  dark eyes.  They make the eyes pop off the page!”  Sandy CA CUSTOMER COMMENTS: “These brushes are great for almost every portrait.  They go on quickly and make a real difference.  They give beautiful texture and adjustable brightness to eyes that are dark”    Jim TX
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These Iris Texture and Eye Brightening Brushes are Compatible with CS-CS6  PC or Mac.
Set includes 10 Iris Texture Brushes Individual Iris Texture Brushes brighten dark eyes to any degree Brushes can be used to create or enhance the attractive iris textures The effects can be infinitely adjusted to achieve the perfect visual balance These brushes are photographically accurate brushes and they can be scaled to fit any eye   Brushes  work on images from web size to 16 X 20.  Usable with Photoshop CS - CS6 PC or Mac