Digital Makeup - Basic Color Palette
How do you choose the best makeup colors when retouching?  Do You know what eye shadow shades are commonly used together?  Do you just begin experimenting and see what looks good....and end up with something that looks way out of range?  Do you have a basic set of colors that go together properly? Many professional Retouchers create their own color palettes that have coordinated colors that they have observed makeup artists use and apply.  These colors are the tones that seem to be successfully used the most often, and they come in common ranges of colors, or in families of colors that work together well on your images.  This basic makeup color palette here is especially useful in getting you started and helping you make the right color choices to start with in your retouching work.  With this palett, you just click on the colors, transfer them to your brush and paint. This particular palette has an extra special feature called “Tonal Sweeping” that allow you to get many additional shades from one color! 
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  The Basic Makeup Color Palette: The Makeup Color Palette contains 36 Coordinated Eye Shadow Colors, 16 Lipstick Colors and the 4 Basic Blush Colors. The unique “Tonal Sweep” feature gives you the basic makeup color, plus the lighter and darker shades of that color, and it also provides the highlight and shadow values of that color.  This feature greatly enhances the Paletts versatility.  You can also choose colors that are between sweep points if you like. The colors can be mixed and matched...colors from one family can be used in other families. You can use the same universal color palette over and over again in many images. You can  easily change and modify the base colors to create new looks.  You can create brilliant color derrivitaves by using various blending modes.  You can also easily change any of the applied colors within Photoshop to any color you desire by using the Hue/Saturation/Luminance filter.
“As a male photographer I enjoy photographing models but I am not an expert in makeup colors and what colors look good together. Your Palette helps me to use colors that work together well.”  Jim OH Customer Comments: “I usually just experiment with what colors to use in a retouch  by instinct.  Sometimes my choices dont work out real well.   Using the color palette helps me start with good looking colors.”   Bill CA Customer Comments:
This Color Palette will help in your  Photoshop Retouching
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Choosing the Right Colors to Use in Digital Makeup
Use your Photoshop Air Brush and pick up the makeup colors from the Palette and apply to the image.  Use blending modes to enhance the looks
The Basic Makeup Color Palette has carefully coordinated colors.  Featuring Tonal Sweeps that increase its color versatility. The colors shown here have been changed slightly to prevent copying.
The powerful “Tonal Sweep Feature” on every color you marvelous color versatility.  You can make an eye shadow color darker at the edges and lighter in the center...making your retouch look more shaded... and more real life... and more 3 dimentional!  Its like getting 8 colors from the same color family.
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