“I have been looking for someone to help me understand Photoshop and to make sense of all of its great features.  Just one session of your live training helped me to understand the things I wanted to discover.  I love my new found power!  Thanks for showing me all the great things I can do.“  John CA   CUSTOMER COMMENTS:
Live Retouch Training - On-Line - 1 to 1
Learning How to Use Photoshop is a Real Challenge!  Learning how to retouch using Photoshop can be very difficult and frustrating!   Now you can have a professional, retouch trainer come to your home or business... Live via Web Video!   We can show you in one to two hours... what it usually takes  most people two years to learn on their own.    Most retouchers are unhappy with the methods and the results they are getting.    They know there must be a better and more powerful way of getting the results they see others getting.  We will teach you easy to learn,  proven, and powerful workflows...that Magazine and Catalog Retouchers use... and that Professional Photographers love to use...because of its speed, power, flexibility and quality.  Wether you are a beginner or an advanced user...we will take the time to make sure you understand the concepts and have all of your questions answered. We Offer Live Personal Help:   Our "On-Line Personal Training" connects you to a live, one on one, personal Photoshop Skills Trainer and Coach.   They will do a personalized live video webinar with you... right to your own desktop!   Its  like having a personal retouch coach with you in the very same room!  You will finally get to see Every Single Step in the retouch process...We will explain what we are doing on every step...And we will tell you why we are doing it, any tell you tips you need to know...and best of all... You can Ask Any Questions that you have.   Learn the entire workflow... or you can customize the training... to learn just the parts you need the most.   We do Training for Photoshop CS-CS5, PC or Mac. Beginner or advanced.  Your images or ours.   Easy on the Schedule...Easy on the Budget: We set up your training so it is convenient for your schedule..and easy on your budget.   You can pick the day and time that is most convenient for you.  You can train from the comfort of your own home.  You can order just one hour of training to start with...and if you like what you see and learn....then you can choose to order more hours of training when you are ready.  Its pay as you go...no high up-front costs,  no expensive fees,  no costly tuitions.   We can even video record your session for you in HD Video...and then you can review and refresh your knowledge any time you like!  Domestic and Worldwide schedules always available.  We train 7 days a week...across 11 time zones.  We train in Internationally to Europe, The USA, The Pacific, Asia and the Far East.  You will need to have a computer with speakers and a microphone for International training. Contact us below to schedule your first training session now.   You will be amazed at the difference even one session can make in your retouching skills or in your photographic look.  Make your images look like they popped off a Magazine Page!  Click Here to See Some of The Subjects We Can Cover in Your Live Training Session
“On-Line Personal Training" is a smart investment .  These skills will greatly enhance the look of your photography,  and the final quality of all of your images!
Featuring:  An “On-Line Professional Trainer” - Offering 1 to 1 Video Coaching ... Live Right to Your Desktop!
“Your live private training is brilliant.  I have always wanted to watch how a professional goes about retouching.  It all makes sense when someone is explaining all the details and showing how to do it.  My images will greatly benefit from what I have learned.”  Edward UK Click Here to Securely Order  Your On-Line Training Right Now! Choose 1, 2 or 3 Hours of Training
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