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Digital Makeup The Master Course
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The Secrets and the Workflows of the Professional Magazine Retoucher are taught to you step-by-step in this Special Digital Makeup Course.
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High-End Digital Makeup Training
Special Live Training Session... Two Hours Live $85.00
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Enhance, Correct and Beautify every image you work on!  Create perfect looking makeup retouches with brilliant color, vibrant tones, and realistic looking makeup... that blends-in just like real makeup... and is totally adjustable and customizable.  This workflow retains all of your original image’s detail and integrity and allows you complete visual control in applying flawless foundations, accurate makeup, and beautiful contouring  It takes an average image and makes it totally beautiful...the way you envisioned it! We show you how to do this retouching step by step...we take the time and and patience to demonstrate and explain the details of each step.  We make high-end retouching understandable, and easy to learn.  Take this training once...and use it on every image you shoot for perfect picture quality. Your training is a live, on-line, private video webinar with a live retouch trainer for 2 hours.  They will meet up with you at the day and time that is most convenient for you. A web browser and a telephone (or computer speakers and a mike) are all that is necessary.  We can show you in 2 hours what profesional magazine retouchers use to create their incredible images!
Learn how to create any High-End Makeup Look from a clean face!
Enhance the Look of any image with Digital Makeup
Create Amazing Makeup Before and Afters - Gorgeous Skin Transformations
What is Covered: Getting perfect levels throughout the image Setting basic skin tonality The use of layers, masks and blending modes The use of the 5 blemish removal tools Managing wrinkles Smoothing skin and harmonizing skin colors Adding Skin Pore texture Creating the desired skin color The basic digital makeup methodology Creating 2, 3 and 4 color eye shadows Eye shading concepts Enhancing eye brightness and color Enhancing eye texture and prominance Dealing with eye whites and veins Digital lip colors Lip shape management Lip texture and glosses Eye brow shape and management Hair coloring, repair and enhancement Face shape sculpting Makeup contouring Making the image captivating Hollywood eyes Final image balancing
The Enhanced Digital Makeup Course
We will work closely with you to successfully coordinate your training