“Your training by going step by step showed me what I needed to know to bring my retouching to the next level.  It was very easy to follow and the results im getting now are amazing “  Cynthia CA   Customer Comments:
3 Hour Photoshop Retouching DVD Training
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How to setup a professional retouch workflow for maximum visual impact,  precise control, and speed. How to create a retouch that is totally adjustable at all times without using selections or history brushes. How to use the retouchers brush to create perfectly blended and invisible brush strokes.  How to paint with digital light and shadow to get perfect exposures everywhere in your image.   How to master multiple layers to create visual power, complete adjustability, and total image flexibility.    How to master professional masking techniques to achieve precise artistic and creative control.  How to manage blemish removal, wrinkles, skin smoothing, and skin texture.  How to use the power of curves for level correction, color correction, and perfect skin tones.  How to use advanced curves to create digital makeup that is vibrant, non- destructive, and blends perfectly with underlying skin The DVD includes the tips, tricks, and techniques for using each tool, as well as the best settings. These principles can be easily transferred to landscapes, weddings, commercial images, iPod’s, and family photos
3 Hour Glamour Retouch Training DVD
 You have your image captured...                 You have your vision for its ultimate look...                              But it has some problems, it needs corrections...                                            NOW get the Photoshop retouch training you need to make it happen. Photographers begin with a desire to make their images interesting, exciting, and visually pleasing to themselves and others.  But many captured images present problems and limitations such as poor lighting, wrong colors, and other real world defects that can seem almost impossible to correct. Develop the skills and techniques you need to take your image from where it is, to where you want it to be... with the 3 Hour Glamour Retouch Training DVD. The 3 Hour Glamour Retouch Training DVD will show you how to do a professional quality retouch from start to finish... step by step...clearly and in precise detail.  It will guide you through an easy to learn process, yet highly powerful process, giving you the knowledge you need to approach your image challenges with confidence.
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“I have tried to learn Layers and Masking on my own for over a year now but I could never catch the concept.  After looking at your materials I had the breakthrough I was looking for!  Now I understand it and my retouching is significantly better.” Paul OH Customer Comments:
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